University Admissions Offices & Social Media

Check out the University of Chicago’s College Admissions Tumblr. It’s a great mix of official and zany. And I’m no expert or anything, but I think they may have won the unofficial “Call Me Maybe” meme contest.

It is possible — and desirable — for traditional institutions like universities and libraries to take a lighter approach to interacting with the public. It humanizes the organization, and shows that while we take what we do very seriously, we have a sense of humor about it.

Worth noting:



  • St. John’s University
  • University of Kentucky
  • University of the Arts
  • Recherchez des Livres

    We launched Bibliocommons in French, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish today. Custom menu items we created haven’t yet been translated into Chinese or French, but that’s on the way.

    Spotify in Canada?

    Spotify says a Canadian launch “could happen before the end of 2012“. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    The New Blog Order

    In case you’re wondering what’s going on around here these days, I’ve decided to split my blog into two domains. I’m planning to use this space to talk about professional pursuits, librarianship, digital services, and content strategy. If you’re interested in the personal side of Cecily (including bikey posts) head on over to

    A few days ago, my friend Erica wondered what it would be like if all us old heads who have been talking and thinking so much lately about blogging started to actually do it, so I’m trying to rise to the challenge.


    The LIS Stack Exchange is boring, sayeth the Loon.

    Legal Digital Downloads @ Your Library

    The Iowa City Public Library came up with a really cool way to bring digital music content to their patrons.