Librarianship Isn't About What We Have, It's About What We Do

Librarianship isn’t about what we have; it’s about what we do. It’s taken us a while to realize that our full shelves (or loaded databases) aren’t our greatest value. It’s human interaction: over the reference desk, through informal one-on-one instruction, in teaching a workshop or facilitating a program, and by enabling conversations, bringing people together,…

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How I Became an Android Fan

I’ll cut to the chase: it was web services. At first I was all about the hardware and the apps, which explains why I own so many Apple devices. Of course I’d buy an iPhone, that wasn’t up for discussion. I’m on my second iPhone now. These days, just about my whole digital life is…

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I was asked to describe user experience in one sentence, and I came up with “UX is a continual process of learning about users, their preferences and behaviours, and evolving our products and services through research, consultation, and iterative design.” Would you agree with that definition?

Quick and Easy User Research

I’m working on a project to revamp the website for our Skilled Immigrant Info Centre. The project coordinator came to see me yesterday to get some ideas about content grouping and how we can best redistribute some of their more useful information. We got stuck on the word “resources”, a meaningless library word if there…

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