Things I Would Do if I Became Independently Wealthy

Photo by Jingming Pan on Unsplash

Go back to school to study data science and hire myself out (for cheap) to non-profit organizations Go to art school to study drawing, painting, and art history Open a gallery/studio in San Miguel de Allende Mexico Create a foundation that would offer grants to queer POC to study/train in whatever they want Retire Retire…


Spice Up Your Life: A Diverse List of Library/Tech Speakers

My good friend Tiffany B. Brown had this to say earlier this morning: Btw, takeaway for that @tristanwalker interview is also (roughly) “Get some black friends.” — Tiffany B. Brown (@webinista) November 13, 2013   This tweet and the Tristan Walker interview in question were in my mind when a friend and colleague asked me…


Sister. PREACH.

Do not ever be afraid to be critical of anyone, regardless of who they are, when they start discussing means and ways of experiences and feelings when it is clear they have no experience in what they are discussing. You, and only you, can own your experiences and feelings. Do not let others dictate how…