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  • On Stepping Off the Librarianship Escalator

    Earlier this year, after my fourth failed job interview in a row, I decided it was time to step off the ambition escalator in pursuit of career goals that remain out of reach. I wanted to write about this because I am convinced that there are more than a few of us mid-to-late career library […]

  • On Grief

    So. Yeah. I’m grieving. I’m grieving the end of my relationship with Lanie, I’m grieving the end of a friendship that was so easily rekindled after a 30-year separation, and I am grieving the loss of a love that happened just as I began my second coming out. I am not okay, the grief permeates […]

  • Eyes Wide Open

    Today’s meditation asked me to keep my eyes open during the session, so I decided to do it while walking. The teacher asked me to focus first on one thing, and only that one thing for a few moments. If thoughts entered my mind, let them come in, but I didn’t have to do anything […]

  • Bullshit It Is Currently Too Hot For

    arguing sex closed-toe shoes of ANY TYPE thighs that rub together any body part that rubs up against another body part (this means YOU, turkey neck) managing a period managing perimenopause white fragility white supremacy white foolishness anything that isn’t white shorts, basically the plaza in my neighbourhood being turned into a dumping ground for […]

  • Change is as Constant as the Tide

    This city reminds me that colonizers stole some of the most beautiful places in the world from the people of colour who originally laid claim to these places. Being a black person in Vancouver brings me face-to-face with this legacy every day because this city shows me in no uncertain terms this that I am […]

  • Unshakable Joy

    The thing about the world going to hell/rapidly coming to an end (Choose Your Adventure™️) is it makes you want to reflect on your present stage in life, where you came from, and where you hope to go in the time you have left. I’ve mentioned one of my “I Want”s in a previous post. […]