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  • It’s The End Of The World….

    It shouldn’t be this warm in October. It shouldn’t be this dry in October. But it is, and while it is, I’m making the most of it by spending Golden Hour outside on the sea wall. Like the song says, it’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine…

  • Bite-sized Nuggets of Wisdom

    I’ve reached a few conclusions over the last few days, and I thought I’d share them with you: Sometimes, failure is just failure. There are no lessons to be learned, no unseen benefit to be found anywhere, it just flat-out sucks. And that’s okay. If your EDI committee doesn’t have support built in for the […]

  • Gender/Queer


    An idea has been going around in my head ever since the pandemic started. I’ve been thinking a great deal about gender, sexual orientation, and their connection to my identity, more-so than I ever have in my life. This feels significant as someone who was an angry, young queer activist. I won’t bore you with […]

  • How I Take Notes

    How I Take Notes

    I promised myself that I’d do a deeper dive on my note-taking and study habits, so here’s a very quick brain dump on how I make sense of what I read. Very large caveat: lately I have been seriously struggling. I get so bogged down in tools and methods (thanks, ADD brain ?) that I […]

  • ??‍♀️ Privacy vs Convenience: My Move Away from Google Revisited

    This Ask Metafilter thread about some recent changes to Google’s search results has me thinking about a post I wrote six years ago. I moved away from Google for email, search, and document creation, and I offered suggestions on how you might make a similar move. At the time I recommended using DuckDuckGo, something I […]

  • The Most Beautiful Part of Your Body Is Where It’s Headed

    The week is over, I have a four day weekend, and it’s unseasonably chilly in Vancouver. The roller coaster that was this week was full of peaks, valleys, and loop-de-loops, but at this particular moment, it feels good. Onward. Here are a few things I shared this week: Going Home With Ocean Vuong – an […]