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  • Be the Goose: On Barriers, Roadblocks and Finding Your Way in LIS

    Thank you to the conference organizers who invited me here to speak to you today. I know that standing in front of an audience and self-deprecatingly confessing that “I’m not the right person to speak” can feel disingenuous, particularly from someone who is speaking to you from the privilege of being an invited guest. But […]

  • The Case for Normal, Natural Emotions in the Workplace

    A few things I’m thinking about today: How often I see words or phrases like “positive energy” in library job descriptions How frequently I have heard the refrain “respectful workplace” used to squash critique The effect of forced positivity from library leaders on lower-level library workers and their trust in leadership A couple of things […]

  • Thoughts on the Universality of the Black Experience

    It took me three years to read Beloved. I tried on my own as a college sophomore but couldn’t handle it. It wasn’t until I took an African American Women’s Literature course, taught by the then president of the Toni Morrison Society1 that I was able to make it through. I was surrounded by my […]

  • #L1S Tweetchat a Success

    The inaugural First Generation Library Professionals chat went very well last night – much better than I expected. The biggest takeaway for me is that there is definitely a need among those of us who fall into this group to network and discuss issues around class, access, and navigating professional responsibilities. What I didn’t expect […]

  • Tweetchat for First Generation Professionals – Monday June 1

    Looks like Monday is the preferred day for our Tweetchat, so let’s chat on Monday, June 1, at 5:00pm Pacific/8:00pm Eastern. We still need a hashtag, as #1GenLibProfs doesn’t exactly sing. Suggestions welcome!

  • First Generation Library Professionals Tweet Chat

    “Survey says…!” (I’ve just dated myself with that reference, haven’t I? It looks like most of you thought a weekly tweet chat was the best way to stay in touch, so let’s get one started! First, we’ll need to settle on a day of the week. Because #libchat and #critlib both take place on Tuesday […]