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  • The Most Cringe-worthy Street in Vancouver

    The Most Cringe-worthy Street in Vancouver

    I walk past this street from time to time, and every time I walk by, I am reminded of how good intentions can go horribly wrong. The name is intended to memorialize a portion of Vancouver’s Black community. This is a noble effort, and the city should be commended for it. However. The street is […]

  • Mama Used to Say – a British Soul Playlist

    If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen me occasionally post links to my morning Get Ready With Me songs. The songs are usually tunes from my youth that lift my spirits as I start my workday, but I am also a woman of a certain age who sometimes feels a disconnect and […]

  • My Distraction Sickness

    What are the benefits of a distraction detox? Is it possible to find solace and quiet in such a digitally demanding world?

  • #CharlestonSyllabus

    A crowd-sourced collection of readings that can be used to start conversations around the Charleston massacre. I’m pleased to have assisted with collecting the readings into a list.

  • Distress Signals

    It is a peculiar time to be a black American. Maybe there has always been tension in this relationship; maybe in the past I’ve been more willing to live within that tension, to use it to test my own limits of what I can endure. Those limits were pulverized into powder this week. America is […]

  • Lightning in a Bottle

    Nirvana defined a moment, a movement for outsiders: for the fags; for the fat girls; for the broken toys; the shy nerds; the Goth kids from Tennessee and Kentucky; for the rockers and the awkward; for the fed-up; the too-smart kids and the bullied. We were a community, a generation — in Nirvana’s case, several […]