Vancouver – Why I Stay

(Inspired by The Bold Italic’s “What Keeps You In SF?”) It’s so expensive I can’t afford to move anywhere else. My union job. If you’ve ever had a union job, you know how hard it is to give up that security. When the fall fog banks roll in and envelop the city in cotton wool. […]

Through the Lens

I’ve let depression and illness keep me from one of my favourite hobbies for too long. Instead of lamenting what I can’t do anymore (walk for hours while carrying heavy kit), I’m going to celebrate what I can (take photos of my surroundings with a much lighter camera). After much deliberation, I settled on an […]

Preparation Peril

On Tuesday I delivered a webinar1 for LITA on creating web maps with the Leaflet JavaScript library. I’m afraid the session didn’t go exactly as I planned. The problem wasn’t the content, it was in my execution and delivery. In working so hard at making sure the session was content-rich, I forgot about the importance […]

Best Practices

I don’t often go on a tear about UX or library UX, but it’s a new year, and I feel like maybe it’s time to break with conventions. And speaking of breaking with conventions… Kill your best practices. See what I did there? Someone who is much smarter than I am once said “Best practices […]

Diversity Training for Majority Female Workplaces

While listening to Episode 7 of The Broad Experience, a podcast about women and workplace issues, the seed of an idea implanted itself in my brain. I am thinking about creating a diversity workshop for employees who work in majority-female environments. I frequently find it difficult to express myself properly at work. I’m told I […]

2014 Year in Review

I’ve been busy, folks… Professional ALA: reactivated my membership. You might ask why I’m not a member of CLA. That’s an excellent question. LITA: served on the LITA Forum 2014 Planning Committee Maptime: started a local chapter of Maptime LibTechWomen: participated in the panel “Challenges of Gender in Technology Librarianship” for the ALA Midwinter conference […]

Library Mental Help Week

The week of October 27, is Geek Mental Help Week, an event that raises awareness about mental health in the web industry through conversations, magazines, blogs, and podcasts. As a public librarian, I’ve seen first hand the impact of poor support for mental health can have on a city’s population and its library patrons, but […]

On Rockstars, Foxes and Family Legacies

A Foxy Librarian A very nice thing happened to me today. The Library Loon wrote a profile about me in honor of Ada Lovelace Day: The Loon has not uncommonly pointed students to Ms. Walker’s writing and social-media presences. Any students who come to resemble Ms. Walker are impressive students indeed, and all the Loon’s […]

On Managing WordPress Development

I’ve used WordPress to run personal sites for almost ten years1. WordPress runs some of the library’s microsites2, but the development tasks were split between our graphic designers (HTML and CSS for child themes) and our web application developers (PHP, writing custom functions). In short: I never got to touch the code. All of this […]

You Are Beyond Compare

Comparison Shopping I’ve just signed up for Lauren Bacon and Tanya Geisler’s Beyond Compare course. The focus of the program is to help women step away from comparing ourselves to other people, and “into celebrating each other’s successes.” When I initially read through the course description, I didn’t think it would be relevant. “I don’t […]