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  • What’s The Buzz, Tell Me What’s-a-Happening

    This space has been very quiet for a while now. I make no apologies for that as I often go through periods where I don’t write anything for months. A few weeks ago, I decided to try deleting all entries that were published before 2011, but instead I managed to delete all of my entries […]

  • Possible Future Careers

    Explosives technician Race car driver Cupcake tester Minor deity Professional cynic Gabourey Sidibe’s body double  Lawn flamingo

  • Capture Bonding & Professional Respectability

    Many of us have made a life of hoping to get chosen for jobs, chosen for awards, chosen for acceptance from people, structures and corporations bred on white supremacy. We’re hoping to get chosen by people who can not see us. Knowing that they hate and terrorize us doesn’t stop us from wanting to get […]

  • Moving Away From Google – One Year Later

    A year ago, I wrote about my switch away from Google for search and email. The switch has largely been successful. I don’t miss using Google at all, as the services I chose — Fastmail and DuckDuckGo — meet my basic needs.

  • #CharlestonSyllabus

    A crowd-sourced collection of readings that can be used to start conversations around the Charleston massacre. I’m pleased to have assisted with collecting the readings into a list.

  • Distress Signals

    It is a peculiar time to be a black American. Maybe there has always been tension in this relationship; maybe in the past I’ve been more willing to live within that tension, to use it to test my own limits of what I can endure. Those limits were pulverized into powder this week. America is […]