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Bullshit It Is Currently Too Hot For

white stand fan turned on in room
Photo by Delaney Van on Unsplash
  • arguing
  • sex
  • closed-toe shoes of ANY TYPE
  • thighs that rub together
  • any body part that rubs up against another body part (this means YOU, turkey neck)
  • managing a period
  • managing perimenopause
  • white fragility
  • white supremacy
  • white foolishness
  • anything that isn’t white shorts, basically
  • the plaza in my neighbourhood being turned into a dumping ground for trash and actual human shit/goose shit/shit of any variety that never gets cleaned off the sidewalk
  • living in a no smoking building so I can’t vape from the peace and relative shade of my balcony instead of having to deal with Vancouver’s more colourful (and dangerous) characters
  • fucking LIFE

One response to “Bullshit It Is Currently Too Hot For”

  1. Agreed (except I’m also anti white shorts).

    Hating the heatwave. Worried my fear of the sun has become so strong I might actually be vampiric.