I’m Cecily Walker, And this is my personal website.

Change is as Constant as the Tide

A Procreate sketch of Vancouver's English Bay
Trying my hand at urban sketching with Procreate on my iPad

This city reminds me that colonizers stole some of the most beautiful places in the world from the people of colour who originally laid claim to these places.

Being a black person in Vancouver brings me face-to-face with this legacy every day because this city shows me in no uncertain terms this that I am not supposed to be here, that I will never truly belong.

And yet, it is so beautiful. Being here by the water forces me, an earth sign, to have to deal with white supremacy, I’m forced to choose to continue suffering under this system (and lose myself in the process), or fighting for my right to peace and tranquility, no matter the cost.

The lapping waves remind me that nothing is as rigid as it seems, that even the gentlest stream will eventually carve a path through stone. When my efforts seem most futile, I must remember that something will eventually change my personal and professional landscapes for the better.

All things must yield.