Unshakable Joy

The thing about the world going to hell/rapidly coming to an end (Choose Your Adventure™️) is it makes you want to reflect on your present stage in life, where you came from, and where you hope to go in the time you have left. I’ve mentioned one of my “I Want”s in a previous post. But I’ve decided that I also want to feel joyous despite the rapidly deteriorating state of our society.

Considering that, I’ve spent the last couple of days in an…altered state, shall we say, on walkabout, looking for small surprises that would make me feel so happy that it would be contagious to anyone close by. Not the best metaphor to use during a global pandemic, but whatareyagonnado?

So here is a small sampling of some of the beautiful moments I encountered while walking around my neighborhood. I hope they’ll set off a spark in your soul that no one can extinguish.

Bougie neighbourhoods have their benefits.