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Blogjune: I’m Not Ready for Radical Love

They say the sometimes the universe will reveal things to you exactly when you need it. Earlier tonight, YouTube’s algorithm slid this video my way. In the video, the actor Zachary Levi talks about radical love and forgiveness, and how people must learn to love their oppressors. It’s the length of a podcast but it’s worth the watch.

As I understand it, to practice radical love is to always see the humanity in people, and to let the empathy you feel for them as a fellow human being drive how you relate to them. Levi insists that this doesn’t mean you have to want to spend time with a person who has hurt you, because there are usually valid reasons why we choose to keep our distance. Radical love asks us to step outside of our respective camps and have love for all creatures, including those who have hurt us. Especially those who have hurt us.

I’m not there yet.

But I think I can see how I might get there.