Blogjune: I’m Participating in My Heart

I’ve started this post at least a dozen times, and each time, I start off with an apology. I feel bad for not writing more, not because my heart isn’t in it, but because of some pretty nasty repetitive stress injuries I’ve been nursing. A few days ago, my boss said, “It’s okay if you take things slow, Cecily. You don’t have to do it all right now.” I’m sure she was talking about the work I get paid to do, but I also think she was hinting at this compulsion I have to do more even when my body tells me that I should do less.

I have this idea that if my library is to become a more equitable place, then it is up to me to be involved in the process. I don’t believe things will improve for me in the ways I need them to improve, but I’d like it if the librarians of the (not too) distant future could peacefully exist as their full selves in a way that I haven’t been able to do.

But I’m so tired.