I’m Cecily Walker, And this is my personal website.

Daisy Dreams

Procreate drawing of a vase of daisies sitting on a table top.
aw shit, i’m an artist

Creating artwork with Procreate is great fun. In some ways, it gives me more freedom to create because it’s a lot easier to move my iPad out of Bubba’s way than it is to move paints, paintbrushes, and dirty paint water.

When I started trying to draw with Procreate, I was easily frustrated and always gave up. I didn’t understand the interface, and because of my ADHD, I didn’t have the patience it took to actually pay attention to tutorials and learn how to use the application correctly.

I know now that my frustration came from a relentless pursuit of a kind of perfection that wasn’t sustainable, attainable, or even desirable. The one great advantage of drawing this way is I never have to worry about not erasing something cleanly. I don’t have to fret over ripping the paper, or feel guilty about spending so much money on art supplies that will dry out because I don’t use them enough. I can simply…draw.

What a concept.