Hello There, Remember Me?

Twitter became my my primary hangout in 2006, and I’ve blogged less as a result. Having a locked account on Twitter gives me a degree of protection for the thoughts and ideas my employer might take issue with1 that I can’t get from having a blog on the open internet, especially after locking my account and being judicious about approving follower requests. But ever since Apartheid Clyde took over the company, I’ve been thinking I should write more.

The problem with writing more is I don’t actually like to write. Finding a focus and a flow is difficult, and more often than not, I don’t think I’m adding anything particularly insightful to the conversation. So… I don’t, but the crisis point that is the living, breathing Bond villain is forcing me to do things I don’t really want to do in a spirit of…resistance, I guess? 🤷🏾‍♀️

At any rate, here are a few unformed thoughts that have been flying around my head these last couple of days:

  1. Falling in love with the woman of my dreams has had the unexpected effect of making me want to connect to a community I’d felt cut off from while I was dating men. Many people have written about bi erasure in queer women’s spaces, and I don’t think I have anything new to add to that conversation. Suffice it to say that now, I really want to hang around other queer people, queer people of marginalized genders, especially.
  2. I’m not where I want to be professionally, but I think I can finally see a way of getting there. However, the public library way of applying to jobs has completely rendered obsolete my understanding of how to apply for tech jobs/private sector jobs. A bitch needs a portfolio, **stat**
  3. Culture changes are rarely possible without leadership changes.
  4. Nothing is perfect. Nothing can ever be perfect. The procrastination I’m feeling, the myriad ways I try to talk myself out of doing something that may make me _truly_ happy and possibly great is just noise. Drown it out. Let the wave of creativity take you wherever it wants to go. Have the courage to be who I am.

I hope you find something that brings you joy today.

  1. But only the tiniest amount, let’s not fool ourselves