Things I Would Do if I Became Independently Wealthy

gold and black metal tool
Photo by Jingming Pan on Unsplash
  • Go back to school to study data science and hire myself out (for cheap) to non-profit organizations
  • Go to art school to study drawing, painting, and art history
  • Open a gallery/studio in San Miguel de Allende Mexico
  • Create a foundation that would offer grants to queer POC to study/train in whatever they want
  • Retire
  • Retire
  • Did I say “Retire” already?

By Cecily Walker

Cecily is a mid-career library professional. She is an internationally recognized speaker in library and information studies, user experience, equity and social justice. When she's not being a humourless feminist, you can find her holding court on Twitter or riding a Vespa around town where she entertains fantasies of being Batgirl. The ideas and thoughts expressed on this blog are her own: Cecily does not now, nor has she ever, spoken for her employer.