Things I Would Do if I Became Independently Wealthy

gold and black metal tool
Photo by Jingming Pan on Unsplash
  • Go back to school to study data science and hire myself out (for cheap) to non-profit organizations
  • Go to art school to study drawing, painting, and art history
  • Open a gallery/studio in San Miguel de Allende Mexico
  • Create a foundation that would offer grants to queer POC to study/train in whatever they want
  • Retire
  • Retire
  • Did I say “Retire” already?

By Cecily Walker

Cecily is a mid-career library professional. She's spoken at library and design conferences in Canada and the United States and is interested in equity, justice, and the intersection of critical race, gender, and sexuality theory and librarianship. When she's not being a humourless feminist, you can find her holding court on Twitter or riding a Vespa around town where she entertains fantasies of being Batgirl. The ideas and thoughts expressed on this blog are her own: Cecily does not now, nor has she ever, spoken for her employer.