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Today in "Man, I Suck At This"… (Adventures in Learning Ruby)

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There is absolutely nothing in this world like the feeling of sucking at something and then improving at it.

Ta-Nehisi Coates on the hard work of getting better at something. I’d do well to remember this whenever I want to quit learning Ruby.

I’m on my third go-around with Skillcrush’s Ruby Blueprint, and once again I’ve become stuck on class variables, class methods, and attribute accessors. I’m comfortable with being bad at this, but I’m worried that the “getting better” part that Coates alludes to will always be just out of reach.

2 Responses to “Today in "Man, I Suck At This"… (Adventures in Learning Ruby)”

  1. You might want to consider reading about class methods and class variables (and I assume “attribute accessors” are equivalent to “properties”) in other languages (C# or Java). It might just be that your current course is doing a bad job teaching/explaining the concepts.