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My First Launch Center Pro Action

I’m a huge fan of Day One, the journaling app for iOS and MacOS X. Even though I’m not a very disciplined journaler (or blogger), Day One makes it really easy to quickly capture work ideas, stray thoughts, crazy dreams from the night before, and just about anything else I might want to refer to later.

One of the ways my journaling practice has improved is by using automated actions to create a template for a daily summary entry. If you’re using iOS, there are many options available for automating actions, managing snippets and building templates but one of the most powerful is Launch Center Pro. In brief, Launch Center Pro doesn’t just launch apps, it allows you to launch complex actions in a single click on your iPhone or iPad.

Josiah Wiebe‘s Launch Center Pro Daily Summary action is great for quickly entering data into Day One, but I didn’t like the rigid table formatting, and I needed a few extra options to help me keep track of days off (sick days, vacation days, days when the library is closed, and so on). So, armed with the original action , a text editor, and a Wikipedia entry that explained percent encoding, I created my first Launch Center Pro daily journaling action.

The formatting differences between Wiebe’s action:
Josiah Wiebe's Day One daily summary layout

and my version:
Cecily Walker's Day One daily journaling layout

I may revisit this action at some point in the future. I’d like to create an action for tracking my rheumatoid arthritis flare ups so that I can understand (and maybe predict) them better.

This is the very first time I’ve shared anything that sort of resembles code or an automation on my blog, and I’m pretty excited about it. As I wrote in my journal, all of the work (and money!) I’ve put toward working with Ruby, JavaScript, and WordPress is changing the way I think about writing code and how I use code and automations to solve problems.

Download my Launch Center Pro Simple Daily Summary action for Day One.