Letters to a Young Minority* Librarian

I’ve been thinking about what advice I’d give to a young librarian or information professional who was just starting out in this career, in part because Jessica Olin of Letters to a Young Librarian asked me to write a guest post. But I’ve also been thinking about it as part of my larger interest in recruitment, retention, and mentorship of minorities* in this profession.

If you are a library who self-identifies as a member of one or more minority or marginalized communities, what sort of advice would you have liked to hear before you attended library school? What advice is useful to you now that you’re working as a librarian? Comments are open below, but you can also respond via Twitter if you’re so inclined.

*I use the term minority not only to indicate racial or ethnic minorities, but also as a way of including LGBTQI-identified people, differently abled people, or any other identity that places you on the margins of the professional or societal centre.

One thought on “Letters to a Young Minority* Librarian

  1. I’m late, but I would suggest that every minority librarian get involved in a minority program, like the ARL Diversity Scholars, or Spectrum Scholars, or LAMP. You meet a lot of like-minded people and there are resources to help and encourage you along the way.

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