In Dreams

This one was a real humdinger.

I dreamed I was with my mom at our old apartment, but the apartments had been rebuilt and reopened. A group of very serious women in business suits showed up at the door, and my mom answered. The women were there to see me, to tell me that I’d been selected to complete an interview for a job in Bahrain (!). It was a low-level clerical job, but the job paid twice what I’m making now.

The interview process was quite stringent. They would not only look into my credit history (always a fear of mine), but they’d look into my personal history as well, trying to find any instance of dishonesty, or a time where I displayed questionable moral choices. I signed the waiver giving them permission to look into my personal history, and they left.

The dream cut to a large meeting room, where the women were coaching me for the interview. I was to have read several well-known business books to prepare, but I hadn’t, so the women had presentations, poster boards, and cheat sheets. They were even acting out parts of each book to help me retain the information. Then the wall of the conference room opened to reveal an darkened auditorium.

The theatre was packed. We sat in the back of the house and were treated to a madcap musical revue that was part Annie, Get Your Gun, part Damn Yankees, and part You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown. I was enjoying the singing and dancing, but didn’t understand what this had to do with the job interview. That’s when the ladies dropped their bomb.

I had to perform on stage as part of the interview. They’d hand me sheets with some lyrics on them, a few props, and a costume, but I had to portray the lead character in the musical in front of a packed house. I sang, I danced, I flubbed lines. The score was missing several pages of lyrics, so I had to rely on memory to finish the closing number. I twirled batons, told jokes, and danced until I literally dropped. No really, I collapsed and fell off the stage at the end.

But the audience loved it. The coach ladies were proud of me, and the executives of the company in the front row (!) had honest but helpful criticism on my performance. They offered me the job.

And then I woke up.

2 thoughts on “In Dreams

  1. Wow! Sounds like you have a lot going on in your waking life, if I were to take a guess…and/or that you have some anxiety?

    Dreams always fascinate me because – well, frankly, I have some very weird ones on a pretty routine basis – but, I am always interested in what the dreams are trying to tell me or what it is that I’m trying to work out of my subconscious. The last couple of weeks have had me experiencing some doozies, but I’m always searching for the meaning behind the dreams.

  2. Yes, there are A LOT of things going on in my life! šŸ˜€ And I haven’t even mentioned the ones I had last night…

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