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"This is just my life…"

“People look at me, and have fear and sadness in their eyes, which they think they’re seeing reflected back at them. They wouldn’t see what I’m really feeling, which is, ‘I’m OK!’ But people are afraid. I did an interview with Larry King and it was a little more disjointed and fractured than usual, and I realized that it was the first time I’d talked to him since my diagnosis and that he was afraid. So I had to understand that before people deal with me, they’re going to deal what they think I’m going through. Then time will pass and then they’ll realize that this is just my life, the stuff I was given to deal with.”

Michael J. Fox on what it’s like to live with a chronic illness and his return to TV.

I can relate to this, because I’ve seen similar reactions on days where I’m wearing the Big Black Wristbrace of Doom. I saw the sadness and pity in my co-workers eyes so often — and was so ashamed of seeing that reflected back at me — that I took a moment in a staff meeting to ask them not to comment on it anymore. This is just part of my life now. Some days it will be, some days it won’t, but regardless, I’d prefer it if people didn’t make a big deal about it.