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What A Mighty Good Man

After reading “The End of Kindness: Weev and the Cult of the Angry Young Man” today, I posted the following statement on Twitter:

My comment was retweeted, and after that, someone I don’t know asked me to define what a good man was, as he “was neither good nor bad, (but) confused and complicated like every single decent human.”

I thought that was a fair question, and I came up with this:

(A good man is) Interested (in) supporting and advocating for fairness and equality of all people. Willing to critique & correct societal imperfections. An ally in every sense of the word. Not a knight in shining armor. Not perfection personified. But human. And capable of seeing and advocating for the humanity in all of us.”

For the most part, I’m satisfied with this answer, but I wonder if I’m leaving anything out. What makes a man a good man?

(I’m focusing on men specifically for a number of reasons, but primarily because the above article references the online abuse of women that is perpetrated by men)

One response to “What A Mighty Good Man”

  1. I like your definition of a “good man” Cecily. I think so much of your definition hinges on critical thinking, a skill that is empathized in my social work program. I my view, critical thinking leads to tough questions, and, I believe, greater fairness and justice. The definition certainly applies to the “good” woman, a concept that has traditionally required that we women suspend critical thinking in favor of compliance within a male-centric world.