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Heart and Soul

In case you missed it, I was filmed by the Vancouver Cycle Chic crew last April, and was one of the four local cyclists featured in their Vancouver Cycle Chic series.

As you’ll see, I’m a bit of a ham, but that’s not the reason I agreed to take part. Generally speaking, in Vancouver, cycling is viewed as something that only super thin, super fit people can do. I was younger, thinner (relatively speaking) and hadn’t yet been diagnosed with a chronic illness when I started riding a few years ago, but I haven’t let weight gain, fatigue, age, and near-chronic pain keep me off my bike.

Riding makes me feel like Vancouver belongs to me, and that I belong to it. I’m just as much a part of this city as anyone else, and seeing it while riding slowly by on two wheels makes me appreciate all she has to offer.

Be sure to check out the other films in the Vancouver Cycle Chic film series, and buy your tickets to the Cycle Chic Social while you’re at it.

ps: If you’re wondering why I’m not riding my Dutch bike, I was in an accident last March that flattened the front wheel. The driver felt so bad about the accident that he offered to buy me a new bike, the one you see in this video. I’m planning to get the Batavus fixed one day, but right now all my energy and attention is focused on bringing home a Betty, hopefully in time for my birthday in September.

2 Responses to “Heart and Soul”

  1. Loved seeing you on your bike enjoying the city. I’m a cyclist too, mostly in San Francisco and Oakland. You have a very nice voice and a great smile.