I’m Cecily Walker, And this is my personal website.

Reduce Fear

“I long for the day for people to live their lives to live in a way that pleases God, not because they have to and because they can. And so they will live in all kinds of ways, in ways that you may not agree with. He alone will judge. He didn’t call us to be prosecutors, but witnesses.”
– Alan Chambers, former head of Exodus International

There are times when I am skeptical of complete reversals of opinion. They often seem too neatly packaged and their appearance is usually too well-timed to a particular political or social event. Then there are times when I’m awestruck by our capacity for radical change. The knowledge that Exodus International, the (in)famous ex-gay ministry is shutting down and rebranding itself has placed me squarely in the latter camp.

Sometimes it feels as though the world’s heart has grown larger, softer and more open. Exodus International is shutting down, The Mormons are “creating conversations” between gay members and their general membership, and not one, but two same-gender families made Ebony Magazine’s list of the Coolest Black Families in America.

Does it seem like things have changed quickly, or has the passing time and increasing distance between my youth and my present age dulled the edges of my memory? Are things really happening this fast? Or are they not happening fast enough? Either? Or? Both?

I look around sometimes and while things look familiar on the surface, on closer inspection its clear that I stepped through a looking glass without even realizing it.