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"It's Time"

I realize I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster the last few days, but this video from Cmdr. Chris Hadfield touched me deeply. The song Space Oddity always makes me sad, and while Hadfield has made space seem closer and more human than any other astronaut before him, his humor and approachable nature has never completely erased the inherent danger involved in this endeavour. I worry about the spaceman with the funny moustache. I worry what life will have in store for him once he returns, if he returns.

After reading this Vancouver Sun piece on Chris Hadfield’s future (and the future of the Canadian Space Agency), I sincerely hope life has bigger and better things in store for him. Cmdr. Hadfield humanized space travel for me and for many others in my generation who viewed it as something quaint and old fashioned, or worse, as something unobtainable and tinged with tragedy. If middle-aged me can be inspired by him, I can only imagine the effect he’s had on children.

Good luck, Commander. May your trajectory be true and may the ground gently and safely rise to meet you.

One response to “"It's Time"”

  1. I wept watching that video. When I think space I recall tragic events and I’m worried for his safe return.

    I am grateful that he shared the experience with us, it was fascinating to see space through his eyes. I’ll be holding my breath tomorrow night watching his descent.