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The Future of Librarians in an Ebook World

Sarah Goodyear wrote a fantastic piece about how libraries are meeting the challenges and changes brought about by ebooks and our patrons’ changing information needs:

“(L)ibraries are about more than just e-readers or any other media, as important as those things are. They are about more than just buildings such as the grand edifices erected by Carnegie money, or the sleek and controversial new design for the New York Public Library’s central branch. They are also about human beings and their relationships, specifically, the relationship between librarians and patrons.

(emphasis mine)

Granted, libraries have always been about the relationship of humans to technology and humans to information, but it seems as if the general media hasn’t ever grokked that, instead preferring to wax rhapsodic about mausoleum-silent temples of knowledge that aren’t filled with life and vitality.

It’s one of the best general interest pieces about libraries I’ve read in a long, long time. No panic. No hysteria. Just lots of optimism, realism, and tangible examples of how some libraries have prepared themselves.

Thank you, Sarah Goodyear.