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How I Became an Android Fan

I’ll cut to the chase: it was web services.

At first I was all about the hardware and the apps, which explains why I own so many Apple devices. Of course I’d buy an iPhone, that wasn’t up for discussion. I’m on my second iPhone now.

These days, just about my whole digital life is wrapped up in the Google ecosystem, and it’s important to me that these services run smoothly on every platform. Now that I have an Android tablet, they do. I never thought I’d say this, but if I didn’t have 2.5 years left on my Fido contract, I’d get rid of my iPhone 5 and pick up a Nexus 4 or a Galaxy SIII.

(by the way, if you know anyone in Vancouver who’d like a good deal on a Kobo Arc, tell ’em to contact me.)

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