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Cunning Kitty

(Obligatory crazy cat lady post follows)

See this bowl?

In it is a mixture of junk food cat kibble and healthier, more expensive natural cat food. The brightly coloured, oddly shaped pieces are the junk food brand, and the cylindrical brown pieces are the natural cat food brand.

The people at the pet store didn’t believe me when I said Ella will eat the junk food and leave the healthy stuff in the bowl, but this is proof — she’s eating around the good food to get to the crap.

She’s entirely too smart.

9 Responses to “Cunning Kitty”

  1. Well, she’s not unhealthy. The vet says she’s OK. I’m a bit sensitive about people assuming she’s unhealthy because she refuses to eat premium food. She’s eating. That’s better than starving.b

  2.  Oh, I’m sure she’s fine. She eats and she looks like she’s a good weight for her frame. I was just joking because you called it junk food. 🙂  Mine eat a mid-range dry food (Purina Pro Plan). It has a decent protein percentage, but it definitely isn’t one of the super premium foods, either.

  3. I’m sorry if I seemed touchy. It is a sore spot, as I’ve had more than one person give me grief for feeding her Fancy Feast. 

  4.  Eh, she’s had a lot of trauma in her life. Having her food be consistent is probably comforting. As long as she’s happy and the vet gives her a good health report, she’s fine. I have a little gray piece of fluff who, if given the chance, will gorge herself on junky treats until she literally gets sick. That’s one reason I no longer give the cats treats. She will eat them all.

  5. Ahh, Fancy Feast… that is what my cats always ate and they were healthy as horses. Don’t let anyone give you crap for your choice of food. :O)

  6. So glad to see that you’ve kept Ella.  Your heart is obviously bigger than the difficulties a seriously frightened little cat poses, immense though they are.  We have had rescue cats for decades (yes, we’re nuts), and it’s not for everyone. 

    All of ours have either psychiatric or physical issues, and one is nicknamed “The Urinator” for obvious reasons.  Because of her, every doorway in our house has a baby gate (she doesn’t jump — whoo hoo!), and the couch has a waterproof mattress pad under the slipcover. 

    If Ella’s wetting problem doesn’t stop, I have one word for you: Prozac.  It can work miracles in cats.  It changed our cat’s life, completely for the better.  Not that we’ll ever remove the waterproofing.

    Behavior mod, and the two of you getting to know and trust each other is the best, though, and a lot cheaper.  You can’t save the world, but you and your little cat are making part of the world a much better place (probably for both of you).

  7. The peeing has stopped but now she’s developed another tic – she’s turned into Velcro Kitteh all of a sudden. If I’m not in the same room with her, she’ll follow me and meow at me until I give her my undivided attention.

    Someone else mentioned putting her on Prozac, but for now, I’m enjoying her increased affection and the understanding we’ve come to. And I really cannot imagine my life without her in it.