A Real Librarian, At Last

Somewhere near the end of the #librarianstress madness on twitter, this exchange happened: If you don’t know me very well, you might not understand the enormity of this statement. See, because of my professional experience and background, I’ve never felt like much of a librarian. Oh sure, I respect (and sometimes revere) this profession, but […]

Preaching to a Choir of One: On Evangelizing Myself

A while back, a colleague and I submitted a proposal for this year’s Internet Librarian conference in Monterey, CA. We’d planned to talk about creating hackerspaces at libraries, but the organizing and review committee had a different (and better) idea. Instead, we’ll be appearing on a panel of experts titled “Transforming Roles: Who Do You […]

Hold On

This will be brief. On Monday of this week, my doctor diagnosed me with rheumatoid arthritis. RA is a disease that affects the joints, causing pain, swelling, and stiffness. It can also cause fatigue, exhaustion, and insomnia. Emotional problems (from having to cope with constant pain) are also a possibility. I’m slowly typing this out […]