On Lockdown

2013-10-31 19.07.09

After an all too real dream about my bike being stolen, I thought I’d share a photo of how I lock my bike when I’m out and about. That’s right — two locks; one through the frame and bike rack, and the other through the rear wheel and frame.

Rainy Night Rolling Reverie

  • Short, natural hair is the way to go for black women who bike, especially if you get caught in an unexpected rainshower;
  • Soma’s B-Line tires are ideal urban tires for rain slicked streets. The water just sluices right off them; which made me glad I had…
  • SKS Longboard fenders. The extra length can make hopping off curbs dicey, but they’re great at keeping water from splashing up on your feet or onto the underside of your frame.
  • Getting caught in a light but soaking shower is a game of mind over matter. If you smile — especially at the bumper to bumper line of cars at a standstill over on your right — you’ll find that you can almost forget about the rain for awhile. Just blink now and again and make sure you wear waterproof mascara.

Bike Shop Betty

my Rivendell Betty Foy frame at Dream Cycle in Vancouver

So, this is happening. I still can’t quite believe it’s happening, and heaven knows I can’t really afford it, but it’s happening.

Details on the build to come. You’ll know it’s complete when you hear the high pitched squeals coming from Vancouver.