I must say that moving back to WordPress from Jekyll was far easier than moving to Jekyll from WordPress. Because I made sure to structure URLs the same way on both platforms, all links should still work. If you happen across any hiccups, do let me know.

Finding Myself through Code

Just a note to let you know that you may experience some downtime and/or 404 not found messages while trying to access this content over the next little while. I’ve decided to move away from WordPress and give hosting a static website a try. Why am I doing this? It has nothing to do with…

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Care and Feeding of a Blog

How Is Your Blog Doing from Elan Morgan I’ve been at this blogging/online journaling thing for over 20 years now. Maybe it makes sense that I’ve reached a point in my life that I’m not sure what the next steps for this blog will be. Maybe that’s actually OK. Elan Morgan‘s slide deck from the…

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I enable comments on a post-by-post basis on this blog because I don’t tend to get very many comments these days. I’d like to keep some sort of feedback loop going, though. I’d love it if there were a way to replace the comment form with a “respond to this on Twitter” form. Does such a thing exist?