That “Skinny” Dress In Your Closet, or Hopeful Hoarding

If you’ve never gained, then lost (then regained) weight, this metaphor may be meaningless to you. If you have gone through that experience, you’re probably familiar with holding on to an item of clothing that no longer fits, but you hold on to it because “It might fit again someday if I go on a […]

All Moved In

I must say that moving back to WordPress from Jekyll was far easier than moving to Jekyll from WordPress. Because I made sure to structure URLs the same way on both platforms, all links should still work. If you happen across any hiccups, do let me know.

Using Google Fonts In Your WordPress Theme

I’ve used Google fonts with various levels of success in WordPress themes before, but this method used by Natalie MacLees, which involves editing your theme’s functions.php file is easier, and it follows WordPress’ best practices for adding styles to a theme.

The New Blog Order

In case you’re wondering what’s going on around here these days, I’ve decided to split my blog into two domains. I’m planning to use this space to talk about professional pursuits, librarianship, digital services, and content strategy. If you’re interested in the personal side of Cecily (including bikey posts) head on over to A […]