Is This Thing On?

“It’s been years since I’ve blogged regularly. Let’s see if I start again now. (I might. It’s a good warm-up for writing and I’m looking forward to being a writer again.)” @neilhimself I am trying the same, a regular blogging practice, which in hopes will get me writing daily. — Ms. Jen (@msjen) May 4, […]

That “Skinny” Dress In Your Closet, or Hopeful Hoarding

If you’ve never gained, then lost (then regained) weight, this metaphor may be meaningless to you. If you have gone through that experience, you’re probably familiar with holding on to an item of clothing that no longer fits, but you hold on to it because “It might fit again someday if I go on a […]

Sunday Links

Shopping Felted angel wing backpack, in case you’ve always wanted to be one of the Weeping Angels for Hallowe’en. Reading Recommendations for Polyamory in Fiction – a fantastic place to start for anyone doing reader’s advisory in alternative sexuality/alternative relationship styles, or if you’re interested in learning more. Includes triads and Poly V relationships only1 […]

Things I’ve Learned as a Manager

What Has Being A Manager Taught Me About Work? Manage expectations, manage projects, but don’t manage time Maker’s Schedule: fewer meetings, shorter meetings, more time for focused, uninterrupted work Manager’s Schedule: for bosses. Highly structured, always know where you’re going next 1 Give people more responsibility, flexibility, and power Stay out of the weeds. Less […]

Sunday Links

Shopping Elizabeth Suzann Artist Dress In One Size Regular and One Size Plus (though the plus only runs up to size 16). It’s rare that I wish I could sew/I wish I were thinner. This is one of those times. $255 USD. Fluevog Cleo Mary Janes The lower heel version of my beloved purple and […]