Announcing LIS Mental Health Week 2016

In October, 2014 I wrote about the possibility of starting a Library and Information Studies (LIS) Mental Help Week. You can find out more by reading my original post, or by reading about Geek Mental Help Week (2014), the source of the original idea.

Almost immediately after writing that post, Kelly McElroy reached out and asked me if I wanted help organizing events around the week. Like so many other people who live with mental health challenges, I was so overwhelmed with managing my own depression and anxiety that I couldn’t get it together to organize anything, even with Kelly’s help. It’s been a long time coming, but I’m pleased to announce that we’re ready to kick things off.

LIS Mental Health Week, starting January 18, 2016

LIS Mental Health Week will be a week-long series of posts, Twitter chats, podcasts, and resource sharing about mental health issues for people who suffer and for their loved ones.

Plans For The Week

So far our plans include building a shared list of resources and moderating a Twitter chat with the hashtag #LISMentalHealth. Because this is such an important issue, we’d like to broaden the scope and level of involvement. You can get involved by:

  • Writing an article for an online LIS journal or magazine
  • Publishing an article or blog post about mental health issues
  • Adding to our resource list
  • Talking about mental health issues on your podcast
  • Organizing a local event at your library or with your professional organization
  • Promote LIS Mental Health Week across your social networks

Getting Involved

If you’d like to help with planning the week’s events, contact me (@skeskali) or Kelly (@kellymce) via Twitter. If you want to publish a blog post or dedicate a podcast to the issue, thank you, and go right ahead! Just let us know where we can find your post/podcast so we can promote it.

Author: Cecily

Cecily Walker is a middle career librarian who writes about libraries, management, front-end development, user experience, and life. She manages systems projects at Vancouver Public Library.