I’m Cecily Walker. This is my personal blog. Welcome to it.

  • A Two-Bite Blog Post (Newsletter?)

    A Two-Bite Blog Post (Newsletter?)

    (image generated by BlueWillow AI) Remember Two-Bite brownies? The unassuming bag designed to resemble the paper bag a loved one — possibly your mother? — would use to package your lunch in before you went off to school. It was intended to signify nostalgia, remind you of something homemade, when in fact they were created…

  • A Day to Celebrate

    Had things played out differently, today I’d be celebrating a second anniversary. They didn’t, so instead I’m going to celebrate myself, the changes I’ve made, and the path of growth I’m staying true to. Here is a list of things that are worthy of celebration today and every day: Recommitting to working toward healing the…

  • Status

    I haven’t returned yet, but I’m done hiding.