Thoughts Like A Runaway Train: Notes on Information Management with Zettelkasten

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I made the decision earlier this year to spend the year preparing my grad school applications — that’s right, I’m planning a return to academia after a very long hiatus, provided that the schools of my choice accept me. Because I’ve made this commitment to myself, I’ve been focusing on studying “hacks” and trying to…


Things I Would Do if I Became Independently Wealthy

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Go back to school to study data science and hire myself out (for cheap) to non-profit organizations Go to art school to study drawing, painting, and art history Open a gallery/studio in San Miguel de Allende Mexico Create a foundation that would offer grants to queer POC to study/train in whatever they want Retire Retire…


Be the Goose: On Barriers, Roadblocks and Finding Your Way in LIS

Thank you to the conference organizers who invited me here to speak to you today. I know that standing in front of an audience and self-deprecatingly confessing that “I’m not the right person to speak” can feel disingenuous, particularly from someone who is speaking to you from the privilege of being an invited guest. But…


🤷🏾‍♀️ Privacy vs Convenience: My Move Away from Google Revisited

This Ask Metafilter thread about some recent changes to Google’s search results has me thinking about a post I wrote six years ago. I moved away from Google for email, search, and document creation, and I offered suggestions on how you might make a similar move. At the time I recommended using DuckDuckGo, something I…